“We have a innate desire to make abstract things tangible.”

Josh Feingold | Mar 13, 2014

“Since women can pleasure women, what fear should a man ever have?”

Josh Feingold | Mar 12, 2014

“Whole living requires us to gracefully acknowledge the forces from our past, consider the hopes and fears from our future, and bring it all together in our present.”

Josh Feingold | Mar 8, 2014

“The greatest feeling is the bliss of gratitude.”

Josh Feingold | Mar 7, 2014

“If you never make yourself available for opportunity, how can opportunity make itself available to you?”

Josh Feingold | Feb 26, 2014

Someone shared this with me today… “The basic holotropic principle is that we each have an Inner Healing mechanism, whose purpose is to help us move toward wholeness in our lives. Many, many opportunities for this transformation come along. When we say yes to some of them, then that transformation is supported.”

Josh Feingold | Feb 19, 2014