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Electronic_Front small In most everything that we do in life, we learn how to do it before we actually do it. We follow an instruction manual that shows how to assemble the bike we just bought, even if it is written in Mandarin Chinese. We train for our job by going to school or apprenticing on the job. But where is the guidebook for finding happiness in life, which for most of us is the ultimate, if unstated, goal?

Most of us are missing clear, written directions on how to achieve happiness. A systematic guide to understanding how we work and what we need to do if we wish to find happiness. A book for those of us who are almost happy but still searching for that elusive something. A book that will provide the key to unlocking true happiness, the happiness we intuitively know exists.

Since we do not really understand the issues, it is nearly impossible to reverse-engineer the steps on our own. However, the amazing thing is that you can find happiness in a matter of months—if you know what you are doing and take it seriously.

Thus, the goal of this book is to fill that void. We discuss:

  • Why we are unhappy and how to reclaim happiness (Chapter 1)
  • How we work and how it impacts happiness (Chapter 2)
  • The tools and techniques needed to work on ourselves (Chapter 3)
  • The step-by-step directions and exercises to help us find happiness (Chapters 4—9)

Much of the material for this book came from my blog, and was rearranged to provide a clear and concise narrative.

So without further ado, I present to the reading public (for free!), The Secret Guide to Happiness. The book is also available in other formats on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy it!

Take care,

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