“We are but a speck, but a speck we are.”

I often consider becoming a scientist.

You see, there is something that I want to prove.  The intrinsic inter-connectedness of the world.  And I think science is the tool we use to prove things in our modern society.

In truth, it is really to prove it to myself, but I think the outcome would be good for mankind as well.

There are numerous ways man is interconnected with his world; through connection with inanimate objects, other creatures, the universe, and within himself.

Having discussed my peak, or plateau, experience, it was nothing other than an awareness of connectivity.   And this connectedness, provided an anchor for my self in the universe.  It provided an attachment from which to view myself as part of the whole, beyond the natural whole unto myself, that I was able to self discover.

Bringing this idea home a little, the concrete understanding that we are part of something bigger, can help those of us that struggle with being a speck in time.  It also explains why people associate so strongly with their sports team, or employer.  When we see ourselves as part of the connected universe, we no longer disappear upon death.  Rather, we transform back to where we came from, and if are honest, have been living the whole time.


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