“Something you can never imagine.”

An exercise.

Try to imagine nothing.

Now to imagine infinity.

If you are anything like me, you end up creating a mental image of something like a vacuum and then a really big amount of something.

The problem with nothing and infinity from a mental perspective is that since they don’t exist in the physical world, we have no model with which to base our understanding.  Therefore, while we can conceptually understand them, and perhaps even use the concept in math, etc, we can’t actually envision them.

One important take away is that it humbles me to realize that there are truths that my mind simply can’t grasp.   Even thought I can explain the concept, and perhaps even apply it, in nothingness and infinity, I can see the boundaries of my own mind.  This helps me fully realize that there are things in this world that exist, without human capacity for true understanding, in a very concrete way.



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