About The Blog

About The Blog

This blog was a project that I worked on from August 2011 through March 2013, and consists of just over 300 posts about life.  My life, to be exact.

Most of the posts, were written during a time of tremendous personal change, pain, and turmoil.  This upheaval lead to a deep questioning of all assumptions, extreme creativity, and ultimately, tremendous personal growth.

For the reader, this means that you get an insight into struggling man, which I have left in the public domain for others to find solace from, should (a better word may be when) they find themselves in a similar life predicament.  Or perhaps, I leave it here for myself when the inevitable hard side of life rears its ugly head again.

For the seeker of truth, I hope that you, like myself, will find that through honest questioning, life CAN provide complete answers. However, always remember that answers will only found by approaching the questions with a spirit of honesty.

It is our task, should we accept the adventure of uncertainty, not to submit to easy answers, and carefully discern the truth that lies at the heart of each of the contradictions we see in life. And with this approach, I discovered the bare core of my reality: ‘I exist as a whole part of a world greater than myself.’ By understanding each aspect of this truth fully and clearly, everything else fell into place.

Please know that typically I did not have time (more correct: didn’t want to take the time) to proofread my posts. Rather, this volume is my, hopefully, well thought out ramblings, and I pray that the core message in each idea floats to the top!

About The Author

Josh Feingold, an armchair ontolgist, lives in Atlanta.

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