“Always be prepared to change your mind.”

In life you typically are making decisions with 60-80% of the relevant information, if you are lucky.  Accordingly, I have found that there are two main approaches that people take once they have made up their mind, after having invested time in coming to a decision.

The first group, makes a decision then digs their heels in, and no matter the information that follows, they reject it, and stick with their original decision.  These people can usually be easily identified though their defensiveness.

The next group, makes a decision, but never feels comfortable in their position, because they know that there is a x% chance that they are wrong, and they live their life in both worlds, which really stinks for them since they are neither here nor there, and often end up with the worst of both worlds.

The final group, makes a decision, and lives life in that decision, and waits until new evidence comes along that makes them reevaluate their earlier position, and if their decision changes as a result of the information, that’s great, and that’s the adventure of life!

I like living in the final group of people, and find that this is the healthy approach to life, since in general, we really don’t have enough information to make most decisions, and often times its not about making the best decision, but a good decision, so we take the data make the decision, and live life in that decision 100%, but we remain totally open to change should the OPPORTUNITY present itself.  The attitude has to be not that we made a mistake with our original decision, rather that the path we chose originally was the perfect one for the time, and was fun and exciting in its own unique way, but now another path presents itself.  However, to do this, we have to always be prepared to change our mind.

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