“Always go straight to the top.”

My cable was running slow.  Real slow.  Surprisingly slow.

So I called Comcast, and asked them to fix it.  A tech came out (nice guy, tangentially), said everything was okay from what he could see, but that they would check at the street over the weekend, and see if something was wrong out there.

Weekend came and went.  Internet was still slow.

So I called customer support.  Spent about 30 minutes on the phone with them, and they said they would send a tech out.

OK, nothing new here.  We have all been in this situation.  In fact, in most cases, the tech would have come out, and I would have spent another few rounds going back and forth with someone, and pretty much wasting my time to get a resolution.

So I decided, let’s take a different approach, and shot off an email to the CEO of Comcast, and a few other people that seemed to be responsible internally for things.

Later that day, I got a phone call.  And action.  And another phone call to make sure things were going well.  And more action.

Next thing I knew issue was solved.

There’s not much new here, except that once you have spent an hour doing something that someone else should have taken responsibility for in the first place, just escalate.  But not a small escalation.  Go straight to the top.  And watch the action come on down.

(Side note, Comcast gets a bad rep for customer service, but their techs couldn’t be nicer.)

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