“Ambivalence is your window to understanding underlying conflict.”

Humans like to take sides.  It just makes life so much easier.  Democrats or Republicans.  Mets or Yankees.  Choose a side, and no further thinking is needed about the subject.  However, in reality, life is much too complex to really take sides.  For most decisions, there are competing factors at play that need to be examined.  So how do we determine what areas in our life need examining?  Find those areas of ambivalence that you have.  Ambivalence is your minds way of telling you that you aren’t so sure which way to go.  So by examining the underlying reasons behind you ambivalence, you can then better understand yourself, and in doing so, make a mature decision about what do with whatever situation you are faced with.

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  1. Kind of like the theory of cognitive dissonance. In areas where you haven’t picked a side, there’s always that itchy feeling that something is out of place. Sometimes we ignore it. Sometimes, we pick one path rationalizing the other equally viable option away to our detriment. Sometimes we use that itch to explore and create a new path, one that satisfies all our needs.

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