“Are we really alone?”

A while back, I wrote about being/feeling alone and I wanted to solidify the main point, since it has become more coherent to me over time.

When we choose to make someone part of our life, it relieves us from the feeling of being alone. But the point is that this decision takes active choice on OUR behalf – or the fact that someone chooses to be with us does not amount to anything regarding feeling alone.

The above is true for FEELING ALONE.  However, BEING ALONE, is just the opposite.  We can think we are alone, when in truth, we have lots of friends who have chosen us, and we are in fact NOT alone. On the other hand, we can think we are not alone, when in reality no one chooses to be with us, and if fact we ARE alone.

If you think about this, it is ironic, since it turns out that while feeling alone is up to us, being alone is up to our friends and family.  Usually, we see it the other way.

Of course, when it comes to choosing how we feel, that is actually an arbitrary decision (well, unless we have no close friends or family), so we might as well assume we are not alone!

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