“Celebrate small accomplishments.”

Hey, it’s my one month blog anniversary!  One down, eleven to go for my goal of a one year blog.  About two hundred forty simple truths, typed out one at a time.  As I mentioned a few weeks back, by breaking down big goals into smaller parts, we can reach our ultimate goal,  however, to keep us motivated, we need to celebrate our small accomplishments along the way with external motivation.  For me, that is a monthly reward, which I now need to think up, by the end of typing up this post.

Ideally, the reward should be something in line with the task at hand.

So if you are dieting, and have a goal of x pounds lost, reward yourself with something relevant to the diet, so no ice cream if you lose x pounds.  Rather, new pants that you wanted that fit you so much better.

Ah, so how do I apply it here?  The blog represents a way to share myself with the world and open up.  So I could take some time and start that book I have been planning on writing for much too long.  No, that’s not it.  Hmm. Well this blog represents an ego boost for me, knowing that at least someone is reading it (well at least my mom is).  So perhaps I should just give myself an ego boost, by celebrating the small accomplishment with you, by means of the blog post, dear reader.  Yeah, that works.

So here is to another eleven small successes over the next year!  Cheers.

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