“Don’t miss the trees for the forest.”

Today I have an exercise for you.

It’s fun, I promise.

Go outside, sit on the ground, and close your eyes.  Take five deep breaths, and open your eyes slowly.  (f you are lazy, just do it where you are, but it’s much more interesting outside.)

Now focus on the edge of a blade of grass or a leaf.  Notice the detail.  See what you have neglected to see before.

Look at the colors, the textures, the oddities, and the symmetries.

When was the last time you slowed down and noticed the detail in life?

There are so many areas in life you can apply this.  With people, goals, work, or just relaxing.  But one important lesson to take away is that very often much of the detail of life is passing before your very eyes, and you are totally blind to the fact.

So stop, focus, and try to slow things down a little for a few minutes so you can appreciate the amazing details that surround you.  If you don’t, you’ll pass through life with a totally superficial perspective of the world.  Wouldn’t that be sad.

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