“Get off Facebook and go live life.”

OK, folks.   Time for a little soapbox.

Voyeurism is ruining America.

At first I thought it was a fad.  Then I realized that we had turned into a nation of voyeurs.

You know I’m right, and I won’t expound on how voyeuristic TV and constant friend updates has become one of the major activities of the under 40 generation – and perhaps even those above – right Grandma?

However, in our interest of following others, we have stopped living our own life.  We spend our days, and nights, living vicariously through others.

Instead of enjoying our own lives, we sit and watch other people brag about the good stuff in their lives on Facebook and make ourselves feel bad about what we aren’t doing, or watch TV and see how bad their lives are, so we can feel good about our life. Either way, life is full of non-reality reality.

So do yourself a favor, shut all the crap off, and go live your life yourself.

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