“In 100 years no one will remember you.”

By admitting this simple fact to yourself, life can be so much more meaningful.  Our time on earth is so brief, and our role so insignificant, that no matter how significant we might think we are in the annals of history, we might as well admit the fact that our real value is to ourselves – in the now.  So don’t worry about how people might view your actions since you are the center of your world, while at the same time don’t get upset by when you are insulted since how much do you really matter in this vast world that will forget you.  That my friends, is the conundrum of life.

One Reply to ““In 100 years no one will remember you.””

  1. Well, that all depends on one’s guiding principles. While we may not be remembered by many is any people, our community related accomplishments outlive us. It is the value and good that we create in the world which is eternal. It is the people we belong to and our contribution to our people that are eternal. We have a role to play in our “short” time on earth, and it is for each of us to discover what that role is. We all have the ability to accomplish unique outcomes with the skills and abilities we uniquely possess. So at the end of our lives, we will ask ourselves “was my life productive? Did I accomplish what I was capable of?” If we answer “yes”, then our life would have been well lived

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