“Just enjoy the moment.”

I have a new mantra.  “Enjoy the moment.”

Since all I really have is the moment, and I am comfortable that my basic needs will be cared for in life, nothing else really matters – except for the moment.

And in that moment, happyiness must reign supreme.  Gratefulness that I am on the right side of the grass, as my barber put it so sucinctly the other day.

All there is to ask myself in any moment if I am happy.  Am I enjoying doing whatever the heck I am doing?  Am I enjoying conversing with the person who is across from me?

Lately, when the answer is no, I close my eyes, and meditate.  I’ve done this on the road with kids fighting in the back.  (My eyes were open.) I’ve done this in a waiting room after I arrived an hour early due to a miscommuniation about my appointment time.  And I have done this as I sat on mute on a rather boring conference call.

The meditation really accomplish that much per se, but it does allow me to escape from my surroundings, and bring me back to all I really have, which is consciousness of myself, and the appreciation that I have for said conscioiusness.

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