“Learn the lessons of your reoccurring dreams.”

I have five reoccurring dreams.  Perhaps more, but as I think about it this morning, five came to mind.

In one I am lying in bed, and it is dark. A man is standing over me, but I can’t see his face, it is hazy.  I am scared but am paralyzed so I can’t do anything.

In another, I am flying.  Pushing myself off from rooftop to rooftop, flying around the neighborhood.  However, by the end of the dream, I push off but I can’t get myself to fly anymore.

And so on and so forth.

Last night I had dream number three, which I won’t share out of brevity (albiet, in a slightly different form) which made me think about these five dreams, and in particular of the two above that I haven’t dreamt in a long time.

That is when I realized that in reality, these two dreams stopped because they were no longer issues for me.  I’ll explain.

Dream number one, was as it seems.  One of being scared of taking risks due to not being able to protect myself and therefore needing external protection or “extra self”  to help me in life.  Well, that is something that I have been working on lately, and as it did, this dream dissipated.

Dream number two, was also as it seemed.  While I knew I was capable of flying, I also knew that I was being held back.  Well, I figured that out as well, through some deep introspection, and that dream stopped as well.

The upshot is that dreams, especially repetitive ones, are there to teach you a lesson, if you only listen carefully.  They come from the subconscious, and as such are a great way to know what your subconscious really thinks about things.  And these lessons are those that are important at your core and will help you find your center of balance quicker than any other method, so might just be a great starting point.

So pay attention to your dreams, and try to figure out what they really mean to you, which will provide you with a short cut to figuring out what is bothering you at a subconscious level.

P.S. Don’t ask someone else what your dreams mean since they don’t know you.  Only you know you, and you’ll feel a click when you really put the meaning behind the dream.

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