“Learn to read yourself.”

Want to know what things in life are giving you stress so you can target them for change?  Look to yourself.

Basically, when you get stressed, or are trying to avoid things, you give off clues which you are probably best to figure out.

These clues are behavioral, and involve self-soothing techniques that you use to help alleviate your stress.

For me, I rub my neck.  You might do something else with your hand or body, or mouth, similar to whatever your parents did to sooth you as a baby.

Point is that once you know what your self-soothing behavior is, you can then focus on what thoughts you are having that are creating this behavior, and better understand what is truly bothering you.

Similar to these behavioral tells, there are also avoidance behaviors, such as drinking, overworking, smoking and other such compulsive actions that the impulse to do, is typically created in order to avoid stress.  So by identifying these actions, it can also, help you discover those areas of your life that you might want to focus on to help prevent stress.

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