“Seek a Plateau Experience.”

A few months ago, I wrote about the most profound truth that I have ever experienced.

In recent reading, I came across a concept that fits spot on with my own description of my own personal experience.  This experience, introduced by Maslov in his book, “Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences”  is called the Plateau Experience.

Here is the definition from Wikipedia, that I am going to reuse, even though I think they made a slight technical mistake in it’s definition.

“[Plateau] experience is a kind of transpersonal and ecstatic state, particularly one tinged with themes of euphoria, harmonization and interconnectedness. Participants characterize these experiences, and the revelations imparted therein, as possessing an ineffably mystical and spiritual (or overtly religious) quality or essence.”

I have been having trouble finding many people that write about this concept, perhaps because it is called different names by others, but my gut is that what religions call transcendence or prophesy is none other than the experience Man has when he finds himself, and realizes that he exists, and has his (or her) own Plateau Experience.

If you haven’t had this experience, I can promise you that it is worth the effort to get there, and will make the rest of your life so much more meaningful.  I mention this only to give the reader, the idea of the end game of spirituality in my opinion.  Since in knowing the end point, it is so much easier to find a path to get where you are trying to go, instead of stumbling around trying to find the path to who knows where.



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