“Meaning is not without, it is within.”

What is the meaning of my life?

I spent the last 20 (or so) years of my life looking for an answer to this question, and came up blank.  I tried religion, giving to others, watching what gave others meaning.  All to no avail.  I still felt like my life was missing meaning at a deeper level.

It was rather frustrating.

What really bothered me the most was that I found that all versions of meaning that I found was totally arbitrary, and dependent upon each individual’s self defined belief system, which meant that in the end, there really was no TRUE meaning to life. Which I found rather glum, and very hard to accept.

So I kept looking for meaning.  And kept not finding it.  Until a few weeks ago.

When I was finally able to see my inner self, I quickly became aware that the question itself was false.

When we ask what is the meaning of our life, what we are really asking is what is the reason or purpose of our existence, but in this question is one very large assumption.  That we need a reason to exist.  That for some reason we can’t deserve to exist.  Or on a more neutral basis that we just exist.

Specifically, when you come in touch with your own human essence, which is arrived through true self-acceptance, you can no longer ask the question of why you exist, you just DO, and you realize it at such a base level that any question of what is the meaning of life is moot.

So like most of the things I have found so far, it was inside me the whole time, but I just hadn’t realized it yet.

So if you want to find meaning in life, look no further, than within.

P.S. Another way of coming to the same conclusion is to hypothesize watching a very bad person die.   When they die, with them dies an essence, that we can’t quite touch, and it is this essence that is inside each of us, and can be reached through reaching your inner self.  You why would you own be any different?!? [I put this after the post since to me this idea has spiritual implications, and my thoughts are still to infantile to propose anything in this area right now.]

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