“On being happy with what you have.”

One core aspect of human nature is the drive for more.  This is a self-sustaining drive that keeps us prepared for the winter months, and keeps the world which is in a constant state of entropy moving in a positive direction.

However, since happiness is based on contentment, this drive, when it comes to material things, can prevent contentment as we get what we want, just to figure out that we want more.

As we all know, being happy with what you have, is the typical answer to this conundrum, however, I don’t think it goes far enough since while it is a helpful attitude, it doesn’t last due to the problem of our natural drive for more.

I would argue that when it comes to material things, once you have fulfilled your basic needs, due to this drive there really is no such thing as happiness – unless you can train yourself that you are whole and not missing anything in life – and that the feeling that you might be, is nothing more than a natural emotion.

This is a key point to keep in mind, since should you not realize this, you are doomed to a life of constant discontentment with what you have – or more specifically – don’t.

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