“On motivation and youth.”

“A boy math whiz has shocked the world by solving a 350-year-old problem once posed by the great mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton.  Sixteen-year-old Shouryya Ray, a boy of Indian origin attending school in Germany, cracked two particle dynamics theories.  Ray was told by professors during a school field trip to Dresden University that the problem could not be solved. That notion didn’t sit right with the Calcutta-born student.”

One of the most powerful motivators is a good challenge.  Tell someone that it can’t be done, and they will figure out a way to do it.

Unless they are old.

You see, as we age, we start to believe others when they say something can’t be done.  This is because, of course, that all the times that we didn’t listen to them in our youth, typically proved correct.  So eventually, we just start to believe what others tell us as truth.

However, when we are young, we are up for a challenge, and dive right in, and sometimes, we might even find a solution.

So here is the take away: If you hear a voice telling you that it can’t be done, so why even try, silence it.  It can be done, it just hasn’t been done, yet.


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