“Sometimes reasons are complicated.”

Last week, I took some time to talk about the many reason why we choose to marry.  I was planning on going one by one through this list and putting some thought into the base reason for each of them, but having read a very interesting book on the brain this week, called Incognito, which I suggest to anyone who is interested in this blog, I concluded, that in fact, for many the reasons of why is simply biological and evolutionary.

Actually, as I finished that paragraph, I came to realize what I really believe, which is that the why is complicated, and has some components which are evolutionary influenced, and others that are influenced by our environment, or other things that we learn along the way.

So take for instance, the simple desire to have someone in our life.  This desire, I would argue is something that is ingrained in us from birth, and in a force below our consciousness.  It is a practical drive that has helped us survive over time as “two heads are better than one.”  However, there are other influences that drive this and make the need stronger, to include social conditioning, learned helplessness, and similar change factors.

There are a few lessons from this blog.  One is that we shouldn’t simplify causes – since often there are multiple reasons that phenomena happen.  Naturally, we are drawn to simple solutions, since we are lazy thinkers, however, in doing so, we cause ourselves a disservice.  Rather, we should try to find all of the causes to any effect, and understand each of them for what they are.

Perhaps I will return to that list from the other day. 🙂


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