“There is no room for anxiety when you live in the moment.”

I have been thinking about a few things lately, putting it up to my analytical mirror, ruminating over outcomes, and trying to plan the future.  Typical Josh.

I had breakfast with a friend this morning and was sharing this, and he suggested that I chill.  If I am honest, this is the advice that two other of my friends have given me recently to.  I’m starting to see a pattern.

So I arrived at the office, I asked myself, why is it that I can’t just chill.  We will define chill as basically living in the moment, and not constantly analyzing everything.  Why do I need to keep ruminating over things?

Now, in the past, I have shared that anxiety at times has been an issue for me, and how I have dealt with it.

However, in thinking today, I realized that there is another good way to rid yourself of anxiety.

Live in the moment.

Basically, fear is always, fear of the future.  So by living in the moment, there is no room for anxiety.  By taking this approach, you don’t even have to be secure that you can handle whatever comes, my general approach to anxiety, since in the moment, there is no future to worry about – and right now, well, you are handling things!

In fact, only with this realization have I truly come to appreciate why living in the moment is so emotionally freeing.  Of course, sometimes, living in the moment isn’t appropriate, as we know from people who ignore their responsibilities in life and don’t plan for the future, but in many cases, it may well be.

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