“Time takes time.”

A friend of mine reminded me today that time takes time.

How simple, yet profound.

Yes, time propels us forward in life against our will, as children slowly, and as we age much faster than we want to go.

The only way for us to slow down time as we have discussed in other posts is to start paying attention to our surroundings and the minute details of our environment which forces our brains to stop and focus.

However, sometimes, life forces us to to examine our life more than we might want to, such as when we are in pain, and in those times life slows down – but we don’t want it to.  In those times, we want life to go back to normal speed, so we can move on from the pain that stares us squarely in the face.

Unfortunately though, things slow down for a reason, so we can examine our situation clearly and grab the amazing OPPORTUNITY to fix things.  If life kept speeding by, we wouldn’t have a chance at seeing the issues we faced, and find a solution.  It would be like watching a movie and trying to pull out a frame as the film passes by.  Impossible.

So instead our brain slows things down as a gift for us.  Many of us ignore the opportunity and just push past things, but for those of us who appreciate the gift we have been given, we can turn inwards, and find gold while the window of opportunity is open.  Of course it is hard, and in those times when all we want is the pain to recede, it can help us to remember that the hard times are a gift and that, in fact, time takes time.

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