“View the world through eyes of plenty.”

I recently started a Meetup group for singles my age in Atlanta, and as part of publicizing the group approached various other leaders that work with the target population asking them for their assistance getting the word out.

The response I received from one group in particular was negative, since they viewed me as competition to their own established programs.  Which is sad.

You see, there seem to be two ways to view the world.  As one of scarcity or as one of plenty.

Most people view the world with an eye towards scarcity since from one perspective, it certainly seems that way.  Plus for much of human existence, as hunter-gatherers, which makes up the majority of human history, it may well have been true.

This perspective creates people who are scared to to live and are constantly positioning to protect their fiefdom.  They live in a world where they are in a constant struggle to make their way and protect what they have.  They protect it with power, lies, and manipulation, among other negative traits.

However, the world has grown, and now in our global industrial society, we are truly in a world of plenty.  Unfortunately, as a society we haven’t yet broken off our mental chains that bind, and habits of old.

A better, and more true, approach is to view the world as one of plenty.  One where resources are always available if we know where to look for them and help each other.  A world where it is safe to be open emotionally, financially, physically.  A world that has room for each of us as an individual, and whose call signs are truth, giving, and love.

This is the world that we live in.  I just wonder how long it will take for us all to realize this new reality.

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