“We anchor ourselves in this world through our self-esteem.”

I have been thinking a lot about self-esteem for a long time.  My own, people I know, people I admire.  Unfortunately, having put many hours into thoughts I can’t say I have much to show for it.

I have also been focusing on purpose in this world for many years, but again can’t claim much value for all my time spent beating my head against an invisible wall.

However, I never put the two ideas together until yesterday, when I realized that each of these distinct items serve as the key to unlocking the other.

You see, these two ideas are central to our core and intrinsically intertwined.

Self-esteem is your internal sense of self, whereas purpose serves as a guide post of where this internal self fits vis-à-vis the rest of this big world you find ourselves in.

Which means, that until you can get your self-esteem soundly in place, you can’t actually find your place in this world or your purpose in life, and will roam the world trying to find yourself, but never really succeed.

However, by creating a solid self-esteem you can anchor yourself in this world, and soon realize that in fact your place in the world is in fact not a mystery at all, it is exactly where YOU have been the whole time – you just didn’t realize that you were there already!

P.S. Assuming this post is correct, a good litmus test for your how solid your self-esteem is how grounded in this world you feel.

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