“We are all the same.”

In the interest of never passing up an opportunity to try something I have never done before, yesterday, I tried a street tarot card reader at a festival in Asheville.  Growing up, tarot card reading was a silly thing to do, and then in my interim years when I was religious, it was a forbidden thing to do, so this for me was wild and crazy.  But not really.  Anyways, I sat down, shuffled the cards, and she arranged them in front of me.  The skeptic that I am, I didn’t talk the entire time, rather listed to her assessment of what the cards said about me and my life, and I have to say at the end of the twenty minutes, it pretty much sounded like she had my situation spot on.  Wow, how did she do that, I wondered?  I really didn’t give her any clues into my life that would allow her to read me, and in fact, had tried to throw her off course.

Which is when I realized at a core level that we are all the same.

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