“What is your internal focus in life?”

Ever wonder why sometimes it seems like the bullies don’t really make it anywhere, but the bullied, end up running big companies?  (Think McFly/Duff from Back to the Future.)

I was thinking about that tonight and realized that there is a fundamental difference between the thought process of the bully and the bullied.

You see, the bully is focusing on what he is not, therefore he bullies to make himself feel good about himself.  However, the bullied, often times is focusing on what he is – and then in life is making sure that he is keeping up with himself – i.e. succeeding!

So what is your focus? What you are not, or what you are.

If you focus on what you are not, you’ll never really end up being anything, so change the focus, and become what you are destined to be!

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