“You are the only unique entity in the entire history of the world.”

It used to really bother me that nothing was ever unique or original.   Ideas weren’t unique – I’d heard them all before.  People weren’t unique – they just followed the same patterns I’d seen in others.  History wasn’t unique – it just repeated itself.  Products weren’t unique – they just built on previous technologies (word loosely defined). It actuality, it was pretty depressing.  What was there to be excited for?  What hope was there for a new and fresh future?

That was until I realized that as an individual, my life story (and yours) is the only unique entity in the entirety of the world – due to the unique combination of my nature with my environment.  This meant that everything I did was unique and original and that my future would always be new and fresh.  Now that made the outlook quite exciting. Yeah, baby!

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