“Life is full of contradictictory messages that are both true – at times.”

If you read my past two days posts, you found them to be contradictory messages, and in fact, if you think about it, many of life’s truths have contradictory messages.

So how do we determine what message to take when?  It depends on your situation.

My definition of a wise person is someone person who knows which truth to apply to a given situation.  First you have to be able to discern what situation you are actually participating in, which isn’t easy at all!  Then once you figure that out, you need to figure out which truth is the right one to apply.

Interestingly, the first assessment, which I will call situational awareness, is based on what I will call street smarts and requires external emotional maturity whereas the second assessment requires introspection and self awareness.  So to be truly wise, you need to be able to have both types of wisdom (external and internal) and merge them together, to create a synergistic super-wisdom to guide you, which is why reaching this goal is so hard for people.  However, once complete, they can navigate the contradictory messages with ease that fly towards them each day, and place them in their appropriate places and make their path through life.

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