“Don’t finish something just for the sake of finishing.”

How many times have you sat down to watch a movie, only to find that half way through it you are bored to tears.  You keep watching, thinking that pretty soon it will get interesting, but pretty soon comes and goes, and still you sit there bored.  So you have a choice, finish the movie, or find something else to do.

I can bet that most everyone finishes the movie.

But why?  The movie is painful.  Sleep would be a better alternative!

I think the reason we keep watching is because, we have a natural tendency to finish what we started.  (Ironic, after yesterdays post, huh?)

The only real message here is to be aware of this pull, and next time it grabs you, realize that you have a choice, and take a moment to think and determine, should you continue just because you have been going down that path, or should you stop, and leave things incomplete, and take another direction altogether.

But the main point is not to finish something, just for the sake of finishing it!

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