“Don’t quit at 90%.”

It’s always been amazing to me how hard the final 10% of a project is, and how many people quit so close to completion.

One part of me says that people are scared to fail, so they figure that if they quit before they complete the project, well, at least they didn’t try and fail! (Ironic, huh.)

Another part of me, says that they just give up, because they don’t realize how close to the end they are.  All they know is all the hard work they put in to that point, and they think they are so far off from the end game, and just want to quit – since in their mind the end is far.

Then there is just the lack of motivation that creeps in the longer you are away from the start of a project.

Or perhaps its a little bit of all of the above, with some other reasons thrown in for good measure.

No matter.  Keep in mind that the finishing a task is often the hardest part, and perhaps it will inspire you to finish the next project you are thinking about stopping in the middle of!

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