“Get organized.”

For many of us life is so busy that we lose track of the days, weeks, and months.  We plan on taking action, or trying to make changes, but when it comes down to actually getting down to business, we are overcome by the events of life.

The only way to counteract this is to be organized.  There are many ways to get organized, but I find one of the best ways, is a simple weekly calendar where you can write your to do list, and scratch it off as it gets done.  Pair this up with an online calendar for those weekly or monthly reminders that you won’t do if you don’t schedule – such as “call a friend once a week”  – and you’re good to go.  (One caveat to keep in mind is that if it is on your written calendar, it should not go on your online calendar.  Nothing ever goes in two places – that would be double work!)

It really can be that simple, and if you know me, it’s all about finding the simplest way to make the greatest impact in life.

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