“Always beware the salesman.”

So I have been looking for a methodology for learning meditation, and I happened upon a certain type of meditation that was offered in my local community.

Last night they offered a free introductory course, so I decided to join.

Little did I know that I would be sitting through a 90 minute infomercial about their method.  However, that’s not what really bothers me.  What I am shocked by is that I didn’t realize it was one long sales pitch until this morning.

Now all in all, their program probably is exactly what I am looking for.  An introduction to meditation in four easy classes, and it seems that their methodology is hand-in-glove with what I found on my own.

However, I thought I would point out some of the sales techniques that they used, that since I wasn’t alert, totally missed at the time:

1) Selling meditation benefits using difficult to understand scientific concepts.  If someone has to result to convoluted arguments, they are afraid that if they tell things simply you will see through it, so they just make it complicated and hope that they cow you and you don’t ask questions.

2) Selling meditation benefits using “expert” or “celebrity” opinions.  You can always find an expert or celebrity to say anything, so this really should have no weight one way or the the other – but they know it does, so they use it.

3) Offering a “free” sample (introductory course, in my case).  No better way to get someone hooked, or at least try to get them engaged, eh?

4) Offering a one-on-one interview after the course.  “So Josh tell me your goals…”  Nothing like a little pressure.

5) When I was hesitant in the conversation, telling me to take my time, there was no hurry to decide, so as to make me feel like he was really looking out for me, all the while pushing me subtly to sign up.

6) Extolling the benefits as “what you are missing” and “what will make your life happy”.  Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m actually glad that I took the time to write this post.  Having thought about things, I want to try a free mediation class, if I can find one.  There was something too disconnected between the naturalness of the meditation that he offered, and the sales push, that makes me hesitant to try their method.  I’ll see what else I can find.

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