“Find your inner eye.”

Myth and religion all mention the idea of an inner eye, and only recently did I finally understand what it really means in a literal sense.

You inner eye is that “eye” which allows you to view both your conscious and unconscious minds.  In fact, I think this eye actually sits behind the conscious mind and in front of the unconscious mind.

So how do you find your inner eye, you ask? The first steps is to be able to discern between your conscious and unconscious minds.  Your conscious mind, is that part of you which is thinking, and as such provides you with consciousness.   Your unconscious mind, is all thought that is not available at a conscious level.

The next step, is a brief exercise, so you can experience the inner eye for yourself.  I want you to think about how you would travel from your home to work.  Now, ask yourself, what part of “you” is viewing the thinking process.  That is your inner eye.

Now if you think of it, this inner eye is “behind” your consciousness, since you are actually viewing your conscious being.  If you focus your eye the other way (which really is anything except on your consciousness), you are actually viewing your unconscious mind.

In tomorrow’s post we will discuss a great exercise to allow you to use your inner eye and leverage it to help communicate between the unconscious and conscious mind, and allow them to align in one direction – and get rid of inner conflict.

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