“Be spontaneous.”

Nothing will make your life more ordinary and boring than going through the same routine day after day.   Eat at the same restaurants, orders the same dishes, browse the same websites, read the same types of books, you get the idea.

So how do we get out of our daily routine and shake it up a little?  Enter spontaneity.

I’ll tell you a story.  One day, a few years back I was frustrated at work when a big deal turned south, so I went for a drive.  I ended up passing a cigar shop, and even though I didn’t smoke, I figured, why not stop in and see what happens in there.  So I did.   And I met a guy who I almost put a huge deal together with.

The point is that by changing your routine, you open yourself up to new opportunities, and never know what you might find or learn.   The simplest way I have found to practically implement this rule, is simply to try something new whenever the opportunity presents itself (as long as it is not bungee jumping or parachuting). So add some spontaneity into your life, and watch it burst open with flavor.

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