“You are as alone as you make yourself.”

Once when I was feeling very alone, someone told me that I should tell myself, “You are alone right now.”  It helped at the time, but upon reflection, I am not really sure that the message was totally correct.

What I have come to realize, is that we actually make ourselves feel alone by unintentionally cutting ourselves off from our family and friends.  It is more that we have some control of how alone we feel by regulating how separate we make ourselves feel from our community.

So if we make ourselves feel we have family and friends and they are there for us, then we are never alone.  But if we we feel that although we have family and friends they are off doing their own thing, and not really there for us, we feel alone.

The goal, therefore for the person feeling alone is to reinforce the idea that your family and friends are there for you.  Which is actually very easy in theory, but pretty hard to for some people to implement.

You have to reach out to your community and tell them you are alone, and need their support, and see how they react.  Hopefully, your support group will react like mine, and make it know to you in a concrete way that no, you aren’t alone, that they are there for you.  Just call, they’ll answer.  Or perhaps they’ll just call to check in from time to time.

Soon you will see that, no, you aren’t alone.  You are only as alone as you made yourself.

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