“Bitterness is bad.”

Like my complex use of alliteration? (Side note, I totally couldn’t help me seventh grader with his homework the other day.  No idea what part of English grammer he was learning, but I’m sure it’s really important.)

Seriously, though.  There is no place for bitterness in our lives.  Life sucks at times, and that’s just how it goes.  However, when we choose to focus on that bitter time, we have no one to blame but ourselves for holding on to negativity.

I have seen this in many ways this past year.

I have seen it in bitter girls that are so jaded by the process of finding a “good guy” they have given in, and just go through the motions of meeting people, not even realizing the negativity that they are giving off.  I feel sorry for those girls. It’s not my place to tell them my opinion, but I do wish that someone would hand them my blog post so they could question their own perspectives on dating.

I have seen it in myself, as a bitter person who life took a turn that was unexpected and made me challenge the fairness of the world.

I have seen it in others who feel cheated in different ways in life. Where they find themselves as the underdog, though they may be the ones choosing not to change their own situation.

However, the common denominator of bitterness, is a feeling that things are “not supposed to be this way.”  To which we all must remind ourselves, that if you belive things are as they are supposed to be, well, they ARE supposed to be this way, and if you don’t belive that, you don’t have a leg to stand on and make this claim.  Either way, though, there is not place for bitterness.

Sure there is a place for being sad, if you want to focus on the negative (probably not a good thing), but bitterness comes from an unfair world.  And, unfortuantely, no one said the world is fair.  The world just is.  (Unless you believe that God actively maintains the world.  But even then, if something bad happens, and if you belive, like most religions that God is intrinsically good, then you also have to assume that the bad that you percieve as happening is really good, so there is still no room for bitterness.)

That’s right, the world is what it is, and we better be comfortable with that reality.  Otherwise, a sunami of bitterness will follow in realities wake.  And bitterness helps no one.  So learn that no one said life is fair, though life can certainly be wonderful if we work at it, and lose the bitterness. You’ll be happy you did!


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