“Do onto yourself as you do to onto others.”

OK, here’s the deal.  Read yesterday’s post, then come back to this one.  It was kind of a lie.  I didn’t actually think about myself and come up with the idea of using my defensiveness to figure out my weaknesses.   I used yours.   I pretty much do it with everyone that I meet.   Maybe you do too.

Its just one way I figure out your weakness, so I can compare myself to you and decide if you are worthy of a relationship with me or vice-versa.  Complete hogwash (great word, right?) which I am sure we’ll discuss sometime.

However, that does lead me to the next point, which is once you do something to someone else, you better make sure you do it to yourself.  So in this case, I need to think about my own sensitivities and defensiveness and not just look at yours.  Which brings me to today’s post.

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