“Ideas are easy. Take action.”

Sorry, for this post, you need to review the last two.  Basically, though, yesterday, I realized that I need to look at my own areas of weakness to tease out areas of improvement.  Only problem was, I was only looking for ideas for my blog.   I wasn’t planning on taking any action.

But I thought to myself, isn’t one of the major points of the blog to help create change in your life, which cut me short, because in truth, it wasn’t part of the original plan at all.  Rather, it was just to put the ideas out there for my kids as they grow up, to create a connection with whoever chooses to read the blog, and to help clarify some thoughts (writing does that for me).  In that order.  However, change was never really part of the exercise.  Until that post.

So now, I need to take out my journal, and write down my areas of sensitivity and defensiveness and see if it brings out any new areas of  focus and improvement.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get to know myself better.  Which is one of the main purposes of life after all, isn’t it?

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