“Don’t allow other people to determine how to live your life.”

Ask yourself how many decisions in your life you have made that were not greatly impacted by the question of “what would another person think or want me to do in this situation”.  This other person could include family, friends, or total strangers, and could include assumptions planted in your psyche when you were younger by these same groups of people.  When you allow this to happen, you are enslaving yourself to the whims of others.  Free yourself and make your own decisions.  I can promise that you will never look back.

2 Replies to ““Don’t allow other people to determine how to live your life.””

  1. I would agree with this, but it could come with some serious consequences. If you leave your “tribe” for another religion, you might be unhappy bc you’ve lost your friends and family forever. If you are “coming out” – same thing could happen – a lifetime of scorn from what was your closest circle of love and trust. Sometimes, you are just stuck either way with losing something huge and having a lot of regrets and pain either way.

  2. I should clarify that what I meant by “never look back”, was not that you won’t regret your decision, rather that once you get in a habit of making your own decisions, you won’t go back to allowing other people to influence your decisions. You are absolutely correct that you might well regret many of the decisions that you make on your own, and it is totally appropriate to take into consideration the advice of others so you don’t make bad decisions, however, taking into consideration and allowing them to influence your decision process are two totally separate things, and should be recognized as such.

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