“Never lose touch with yourself.”

As I think I have mentioned in the past, this blog serves many purposes, and it particularly useful as a tool to remember what I believe in.  It always amazes me when I look back and think “wow, what a smart idea, I with I had thought of that”, even though I had.

However, I realized the other day, that I had lost touch with myself.  It’s not something I had planned on doing, rather in the normal course of the business of life, combined with the fact that I finally had the emotional energy to fully reengage creatively with the world, I stopped taking the time to look inward.

It was only yesterday, when I took some time to focus, that I realized that I in fact, had forgotten how.  Wow, the most powerful tool that I learned, had been kicked by the wayside.

While this blog is a labor of love, it also resembles my outward looking instead of my inward focus.   Interestingly, I have found myself to be the most effective, both in my public and private life, when my focus was inward.  So it is time, to stop looking outside, for the time being, and look inward to regain my inner balance.

I still am about 40 posts shy of my original goal, due to the brief break I took back in April/May, but in fact, as of Sunday a year has passed since I started the blog, and I have posted 220 distinct and hopefully somewhat unique, ideas.  Not a bad accomplishment at all if I do say so myself and a project that I am proud of.   I would imagine that I will start up again in the future, but for now, I think it is time to remove the self-imposed production pressure of this blog, and work on other important life projects.  (Side note, if you put your email in the subscribe box on the right, you will be alerted when the blog starts again.)

So I will miss you, my invisible friends, who have supported me this past year with your reading of my thoughts.  While in truth, I never had the success I had hoped for, if I measure success in my readership, it certainly served me very well in other ways. Perhaps it has even taught me to be a little more humble as I continue my path through life.

Probably not.

However, I can think of no more important lesson to end with.  So I think I will.

With love and appreciation,

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