“Don’t take anything personally.”

I noticed this idea in a few books recently, and it is a very important thought that bears repeating.

As we know, everyone is their own world.  As such, everything that people do or say, is a direct result of the world that they are living in, which includes their entire life experience and the model that they have built on it.

So when people reject us, or insult us, there really is no reason to take it personally.  It’s just their worldview being expressed, based on how they are feeling in that particular moment.

In fact, if they are insulting you, the truth is that you should feel sorry for them.  Because, if they were happy with their life, they wouldn’t saying things that made you feel bad.  Simply put, happy people, don’t have energy for negativity, and don’t want to increase their own negative state.  Period.  So if they are insulting to you, really the appropriate response is, “How sad for them, that they aren’t happy.”

Of course, if we ourselves aren’t happy yet, it is because we don’t yet know and appreciate ourselves (which we discussed yesterday) and then we are going to take it personally, because “Maybe they are right!”  However, even in that case, it is important to realize that it’s nothing personal, it’s just another person’s perspective on life.

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