“Power struggles in relationships cover up fear.”

I was thinking about power struggles in relationships, and came to realize that these struggles come from a place of fear.

If you think about it, relationships are very precarious.  To be intimate, you have to let down your guard, and take a risk that they other person, might not reciprocate or leave.

So how, do we manage our own fear that this may happen.  We try to control the other person, using “power”.  Of course, the other person, then has to play into this and defend themselves, using “power.”  Next thing you know, you have a power struggle in the relationship.  Ironically, you have turned what you want more than anything to be intimate, into, a war with retracted sides!

So what are we to do, if we want to have an intimate relationship?  We must share our fears with our significant other so they don’t become passive aggressive or even aggressive places of battle.  In doing this, we become closer, and the optimum result of a relationship can be achieved.

Think about those areas where you are afraid in your relationship, and share them with your significant other.  You’ll feel free, and can watch the power struggles dissolve away.

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