“Don’t wait for a transforming event to figure yourself out.”

Pain is the body’s natural way of waking us up to something that is wrong with us.

Physical pain alerts us to something that is broken, which we use as an indicator to go to the doctor.  So too emotional pain.

The problem is that to get to the bottom of ones issues in life, typically the emotional pain has to be so great that it forces you to delve really deep to take the time and effort necessary to stop life and figure yourself out.

The problem with this is that, there is cumulative emotional pain that we carry along on a daily basis and never fix until we have a life changing negative event that forces us to face ourselves.  This means that we live a substandard life until whatever time some random event happens that pushes us to look hard in the mirror.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your body is giving you constant emotional signals of pain that you are ignoring on a daily basis.  If you can become aware of these signals, you can begin working on them, and creating a model of your issues, and digging deeper into things while things are still good.

The upshot of doing this is that when things go bad, you’ll be prepared, and able to stand up straight and not need to roll up into a ball under your covers, rather can face the world head high, and keep on going.  Plus, in the interim, you’ll live a much more enjoyable life, since you will have tackled your life issues, and have uncovered your underlying fears and anxieties that were holding you back in life and not allowing them to impact your daily living or get involved in making bad choices that will hurt you later on.

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