“Find your hidden world view.”

As anyone who reads my blog knows, over the past year, I have put a decent amount of time into figuring myself out.  I feel that I have met with a decent amount of success, but surprised myself this morning, as I was brushing my teeth.

I was getting reading for a lunch meeting, when I thought to myself, I wonder if they really want to meet with me.  Perhaps, they are just getting together, because I asked them to do me a favor.  Typical Josh thinking, not wanting to bother the other party.

Here is where the cool stuff happened.  Soon after this initial thought, I said to myself, who cares what they want!  I want the meeting, and it’s my world.

Now, I won’t talk to which perspective is the correct one (thinking of others vs. thinking of self), but I will take the opportunity to mention that it never dawned on me that I always had been taking the first perspective, but that there are probably plenty of people (perhaps the majority – I have no idea) who take the second.

What is really amazing to me is that similar to the idea of universal untruths, there is also a perspective of a hidden world view.  Which are those base feelings and thoughts upon which we take action – without realizing that they are key impacts in our life, and that others might be looking at life from a totally opposite perspective.

So can you figure out any of your hidden world view?

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