“How I stay organized.”

In the past, we about how to best simplify our life, but I wanted to share my method for staying organized, since perhaps it can help you!

The first thing that I would mentioned is that I have two calendars.  Once for what needs to be done, and another for appointments.  The appointment calendar is online, and anywhere that I need to be, is kept up to date on there and available to me from my cell phone or anywhere I am.

However, when it comes to what needs to get done, I have two methods.  But it relies on a physical weekly calendar.

This calendar allows me to keep a list of things that need to get done, and as I complete them, mark them off.  This list sits in front of me open, and as things come and go, they are put on and taken off the list.  At the end of the week, anything that still needs to be done, gets written on the next weeks page.

One nice things about this, is that eventually you get sick of rewriting things from week to week, so you just get in the habit of getting things done.

One other things point I should make is that I keep my inbox very clean.  Anything in my inbox, needs to get done, if not, it is archived.  So the inbox is more of a daily to do list, where I get things done, daily.

That’s about it.  This menthod, keeps me organized, and allows me to get everything done, and not drop the ball.

Perhaps this method can help you too!

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