“Honesty is the ONLY policy.”

If this is the only post of mine you ever read, I hope you will find it to be as eye-opening as I found it as I discovered it.  It is probably the most amazing thought I have ever realized.

Personally, I have found that the only way to live is through honesty.

It begins with honesty with myself.  Which means, looking myself in the eyes and asking those scary questions that I want to avoid more than anything else in the world, and dealing with the inner demons.  Then I have to be honest with those around me; my family, my friends, my coworkers, my clients, and do what is right for them, and not what dishonesty might allow me to make right for me.

The trouble with honesty is that it is so hard.  Often times, it is hard to look at oneself honestly for a myriad of reasons, and other times it is hard to be honest in our relationships due to what we stand to gain through being a little dishonest.

However, when we are dishonest, what we really are doing is boxing ourselves in since when we are being dishonest, what we are really doing is allowing the world to manipulate us.  It’s ironic, but when we think we are manipulating the world, really, the opposite is happening.

So by being honest, we are actually freeing ourselves.  Freeing ourselves from the confines of the expectations of the world and the expectations of ourselves.  So the only way to find freedom in this world is through absolute honesty… and that is why honesty is the ONLY policy.

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