“Figure out if you are a giver or a taker, then switch roles.”

While many people have found balance, typically, most people that I meet fit into one of two roles, givers or takers.  So ask yourself, which are you?  A giver or a taker?

Once you figure this out, then I have some work for you.

If you are a giver, I want you to spend some time looking at each of your relationships, with yourself, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your community, and I want you to take for each of them.  Not just take and stop giving, but start taking a little more than you are used to taking.  Change the norm a little.

If you are a taker, I want you to also look at all of your relationships, and I want you to give to each of them.

If you start taking the opposite role to your norm, you will quickly find that life is more meaningful, and provides more depth, and balance as you move forward into the future.

The ultimate goal is that you will be able to both give and take in a healthy way in all of your relationships, and with practice you can get there.

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