“Money is time.”

Popular culture chases a few things, and on the top of the list is money.  It’s funny, because of all the things that we actually can say we have, money isn’t really one of them.

Ironically, in this day and age, money really has no intrinsic value.  At least back when our grandparents were around, there was some gold somewhere that backed up the dollar that you had in your pocket.  Not anymore.

So really, money comes and money goes, and all it really is, is a number on a bank statement somewhere – or for those of us less fortunate, a credit card balance due – or perhaps both.

So why are we so enamored with money?  Because we relate money with power and potential.  However, as regular individuals we need to remember that popular culture is sending a message to us regular folks, when they say “Time is Money” that might not be so healthy.  Because in truth, for us money is time.

If you think about it, time is your most limited resource.  By the time you finish reading this post, you are that much closer to death.  Yeah, bummer.  So we have to make smart choices with our time.   Do we use that time to make money or do we use that time to impact the world in other positive ways – whatever way that may be.  Of course, I’ll leave that to you to decide, but don’t lose focus on the fact, that money is time – and not the opposite.

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