“I don’t do nothing well.”

I had the opportunity to be in San Diego this weekend (note to future self – certainly a place to retire!) and between a cold and time change from coast to coast, ended up going to sleep around 9PM and up a few times, until packing and leaving for home around 5AM. 

Around 630AM I realized that I could try to get on an earlier flight and hopped on a taxi to the airport, which was pretty close by.    Pretty soon after I arrived, it was clear that my 145PM flight was the earliest flight I would be on, and since I didn’t bring my computer due to size, facing a seven hour span with nothing to do at the airport. 

I took a nap on the floor for an hour, tried texting a few friends, and played on my mobile device, but the constriction of being in an airport with no shops, no real communication devises, and a lingering throat ache preventing conversations that I have been delaying the past week, meant horrible boredom.

Wow, I realize now that this post is a complaint about having nothing to do.  What an ironic post!  How many people would love to be in a life situation, where their biggest complaint, is nothing.

Having spend time on life meaning, I now realize that man’s search for meaning, is nothing other than the evolutionary force that propels us to meaningful action.

This is a core need, and when unfulfilled, results in frustration and unhappiness. 

Of course, I think through medidation, we can find a state of comfort with nothing for extended periods, but as I don’t yet have a teacher that can effectively teach the art of meditation, in the interim I remain under the influence of productive action.    


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